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Our team of students create bi-weekly, nonpartisan, news-based civics curriculum emailed to directly to your inbox!
Our curriculum is flexible, ranging from 5-15 minutes based on what you have time for.
Each lesson consists of an animated video, a discussion-based activity/game, and a take-home assignment.

Engage in Civic education

Sample Youthvism Curriculum

Part 1: Introduce the Topic
created by Youthivism!
Part 2: Game Time!

Ask questions out of the list below and have four corners of the room:


Strongly agree, agree, disagree, and strongly disagree. Students should go to the corner that best describes their position. They can also stand in the middle if they are neutral. 

  • Preserving democracy is a priority in the issue of political advertising.


  • Political advertisements on social media platforms should be unregulated.

  • The needs of enabling small campaigns outweigh the potential of misinformation.

  • The potential of foreign influence is a large risk.


For each statement: 

  • Encourage students in one corner to justify another corner’s point of view.

  • Ask students to connect each of their arguments to their common goal of improving democracy. 


The goal of these statements is to show students where they agree and disagree to humanize opposing views and build connections. 

Games are important for retaining student attention and increasing voluntary involvement!

Part 3: Take it Home!
  • Ask your students to choose a side (yes/no) on whether to allow political advertisement on social media platforms

  • Keeping with the theme of social media, have them sum up their argument in a twitter-style post of just 280 characters!

Take-home content helps students further conceptualize the topic and commit it to memory.


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