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Arshia Mehta

Arshia is a high school student with a passion to ignite change. From her childhood, she has considered her intellectual freedom to be one of her most valuable rights: the ability to craft one's opinion based upon their background. This passion was furthered through her participation in Speech and Debate. It is for this reason that she has co-founded Youthivism, as a resource to bring individuals together, by making them think differently.


Sanjana Ranganathan is currently a junior at Dougherty Valley High School in California and the co-founder of Youthivism. Since 6th grade - through activities such as Speech & Debate and Model UN - she has cultivated a passion for current-events and public policy. Sanjana started Youthivism in an effort to expand these interests and offer fellow youth the same opportunities to develop their own opinions based on facts. Through Youthivism, she hopes to challenge the political gridlock in American politics while simultaneously empowering youth.

Faraz Siddiqi is a high school senior interested in political activism and computer science. He believes that current school curriculum on political education pushes partisan ideologies upon students. His engages in his passion for public speaking and activism  through participation in Speech and Debate. He joined Youthivism as the Treasurer/Website Designer to help Youthivism expand its scope, and spread its cause across the nation.


Alex is a high school student who is determined to bring awareness to social issues by using social media and marketing tools. He has been video editing to spread important messages since he was in fifth grade, and is excited to use more aspects of social media to help the common student be aware of their political surroundings. He also designed this website!

Curriculum Creator

Naz has always cared deeply about the impact of politics on her daily life. She uses her passion for current events and continued learning of politics through Speech and Debate in order to benefit the lives of others by promoting political bipartisanship. She joined Youthivism to help her with this mission and to deepen others' understandings of the events that divide us today.